Let Akia manage your guests, so you can focus more on your property.

Akia helps alleviate manual work through streamlined and automated processes. Collect guest information and send out unit-specific information automatically.

"Akia works and breathes on its own, alleviating 80% of the manual work that we were doing. It has been a life-saver for me to customize our rental agreements based on units."
Shannon Sinnard
guest is using registration card to check into hotel

Automate Pre-arrival Processes

Let guests sign rental agreements over text. Property maps sent when they're getting ready for arrival. Door codes and WiFi info when they show up to the front door. Automatically. It doesn't have to be a dream.

Make Your Guests Feel Special

Highlight important information about the property in an easy, accessible, mobile-friendly manner, unique for individual guests. Use easy-to-build Mini Apps to design an app-like experience without downloads/ installation.

Save Time for Bigger Problems

Let Akia follow up with guests. We know you are busy with million other tasks. Set up automated workflows and have Akia take some load off your plate.

Customize with Ease

Automating messages means your team can memorize less. Akia dynamically populates the correct instructions to guests depending on their location. No more lost guests.

Real-time Sync

There's no extra work. Akia automatically sync guest information from PMS so every guest receives exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Build Engaging Guest Journeys

Utilizing text-messaging improves guest experiences, response rate, and staff efficiency.
Guest Engaged
Time saved

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