Hotels are opening safely with Akia

The premier text-messaging toolkit for hotels trying to keep their team and guests safe from COVID-19.


You're in good company.

The Ritz-Carlton
Hawaiian Hotels & Resorts
Santa Barbara Inn
The Bellmoor
Parker Palm Springs
NoMad LA
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Go Contactless.
Get rid of the long lines at the front desk.
Our mobile-friendly digital registration cards will get guests registered well before their check-in time.
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Akia helps us to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for everyone to visit and enjoy.
Sandra Miller
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Bellmoor Inn and Spa LogoGeneral Manager at The Bellmoor
Our guests are so engaged. Akia is paying for itself dozens of times over.
Benjamin Gray
General Manager, The Bellmoor
Results. Not Activity.
Text-messaging is ridiculously effective.
Engaged Guests
Improved Reputation
Drive Revenue.
Ditch email and grow direct sales.
Text-messaging is outpacing email in terms of engagement and performance. And as a booking channel, it's commission-free.
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We were unsure if we would even get any responses, and kept our expectations low. Not only did they respond to the texts, but we had a terrific response!
Heather Pleasants
Director of Spa
travelers sitting and waiting

Dozens of integrations.

Get your hotel COVID-19 ready. Most property management systems integrate in 24 hours.
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girl in a taxi rating the hotel 5 stars
Improve Reputation.
5-star reviews. All day. Everyday.
Hotels using Akia see a 115% increase in 5-star reviews left on sites like Google Reviews or TripAdvisor after just 30 days.
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We saw our positive review scores go from 38% to 92% in just a couple months after deploying Akia. These are some of the best scores this property has ever seen.
Justin Hart
General Manager

See it in action.

Use text-messaging to drive guest engagement and direct bookings today.

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