Leverage Akia and Quore to eliminate middlemen.

Case Study

Dylan Hotel NYC eased up its operations and communication with Akia and Quore integration.

Free up the front desk.

Before Akia, Dylan Hotel NYC relied on laborious, manual processes costing them significant operational risks. For example, they registered guests manually via printed registration cards and directed all in-house requests (even those specific to housekeeping) to the front desk. 

Automating guest communication with Akia helps Dylan Hotel NYC reduce the front desk staff hours. Furthermore, leveraging Akia x Quore integration enables Dylan Hotel NYC to structure its operational processes and eliminate the need for front desk agents to be involved in every process step.

So, when guests request extra towels or water, they do so by sending a simple via Akia. Akia tracks and pushes this text to Quore, notifying the housekeeping team directly.

"My experience with Akia has been seamless, especially with registration cards. It has been easy to pass on information even when people call, and we always encourage guests to message us through Akia. Having Quore and Akia has been beneficial because we can pass our notes. It has eased the operation and cut us off the middlemen now, which is the front desk. So when it comes to requests, it goes straight to Quore from Akia, and the front desk team doesn't have to pick up the phone or manually input guest requests."
Christian Zabala
Director of Operations

Go digital to avoid discrepancies.

Going digital and replacing printed registration cards helped Dylan Hotel NYC improve service quality, customer satisfaction and online reviews.

By digitizing guest information, the staff keeps a more updated data record and utilizes it as needed. For example, in case of any issue, the concise data allows the team to quickly contact the guest to investigate further. 

In addition, language is no longer a barrier – Akia automatically detects the guest's preferred language and auto-translates it into the staff's select language and vice-versa.

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