Drive customer engagement into automated workflows.

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Timing is everything
The right message at the right time.


Welcome customers to your business and showcase all it has to offer with our Mini Apps.

Follow Up

Create a schedule to automatically check back in to ensure a good experience.


Send surveys to your customers after their appointment and drive more 5-star reviews online.


Build long-term relationship. Send personalized message to get old customers back to your business.


Set it and forget it

We know you're busy with a million tasks. No need to remember to get in touch with your customers, because Akia will do it for you. All you need to do is set up what time the messages go out.
The personalized text message before arrival makes guests feel welcome.
Ryan Ledwith
Front Desk Supervisor
Customize Scheduled Messages
Automated, while still personalized
Customize scheduled messages for your customers based on who they are and how they’ve engaged with your business. Choose your primary communication channel and set fallbacks if the previous message fails.
Automated Actions
Do more with automated workflows
Akia automation framework can help you achieve more than sending messages. You can design a fully automated customer engagement journey in minutes.

Create memorable experiences with Akia.

Learn how our customers are achieving more with today's leader in guest engagement.