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Case Study

Dylan Hotel NYC changed their ranking from #390 to #63 in 3 years with Akia.

More information, less work.

Before automating with Akia, Dylan Hotel NYC relied on printed registration cards, which required a lot of back and forth with the guests. Things got extra tricky in keeping tabs on additional guests that were not communicated about. The manual work and security concerns often got in the way of productivity.

Switching to Akia’s Reg Cards for pre-arrival processes and leveraging its integration with Infor solved multiple issues for the Dylan Hotel NYC. The Reg Cards prompt the guest to input contact details and additional guest information. Information plugged in by the guest automatically translates from Akia Reg Cards into Infor without having to go back and forth between multiple apps.

"Our biggest win with Akia has been in sealing TripAdvisor surveys, average hotels climb 60 ranks in 2-3 years, but we were able to jump 4x times. Akia has helped tremendously in so many ways, to be honest, and the Reg Cards processing is one of the things. We run around less, searching for guests we need to contact. It has helped with security concerns about additional guests as well. Plus, instituting the Akia x Infor integration took off a massive workload from our front desk checklist, mainly since we are not a union hotel."
Klein Vergara
Director of Operations

Seal positive reviews.

At the time of implementation, Dylan Hotel NYC ranked #390 of 515 hotels in New York City on TripAdvisor. With Akia’s help, in a little over three years, they improved their ranking to #63 out of 515. 

Akia’s feedback review management redirects happy guests to sites like TripAdvisor, making it super easy for them to leave a positive review. Timing is always the key; Akia automatically requests guests for feedback and reminds them to review right after their unique and memorable stay.

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