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occupancy agreements signed


time saved by automating occupancy forms


sign the rental agreement on the same day


Juniper Holiday + Homes offers a variety of homes within the Lake Michigan resort town, with plenty of activities ranging from cross-country skiing, hiking and biking trails, and water sports. Explore the town for art galleries, wineries, dining, and unique shops and stores. 

Key Features
Broadcast, Campaign Messages, Mini App, Rental Agreements
Property Type
Vacation Rental
Property Size
60 rooms

Prior to Akia, managing occupancy agreements was a manual and time-consuming process for Juniper. 

Before adopting Akia, Juniper faced a huge challenge in the manual management of HOA forms and occupancy agreements of each guest. This process involved multiple steps, including creating and gathering necessary documents, sending them to the guest, ensuring applications are completed on time, submitting paperwork to HOA, and ensuring compliance with the city regulations. 

The manual nature of these tasks presented several pain points for Juniper: 

  • Time-consuming processes of managing agreements  
  • Multiple submissions required for both HOA and from guest
  • Fines and compliance risks


Collaborating with Akia, Juniper discovered a solution that automates the entire process of creating, distributing, and managing forms and applications of the arrival process. Akia played a key role in eliminating the necessity for manual handling of forms for each guest, ensuring prompt distribution immediately after guest bookings, and automating submissions to HOA.

Automating document submissions

Akia automated the submission process, eliminating the need to manually download and send documents to each guest. Akia gathered the required information and also submitted it directly to the HOA immediately after the guest signs the guest occupancy form, ensuring timely submissions and no oversights.  

Notifications and alerts

Akia introduced personalized touchpoints for Juniper by promptly sending rental agreements to guests upon booking, and would be reminded if they did not submit the forms prior to checking in. 

Real-time compliance checks

Akia’s automated system ensured that all necessary guest documentation was completed before being submitted, avoiding potential fines and maintaining a high level of compliance. 


By addressing the manual challenges associated with HOA forms and applications, Akia significantly improved Juniper’s operational efficiency, reduced the risk of compliance issues, less manual work for their staff, and contributed to a more streamlined and error-free guest management process. 

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occupancy agreements signed


time saved by automating occupancy forms


sign the rental agreement on the same day

Akia is more than a solution, it’s our operational superhero. From dealing with the nitty-gritty of paperwork, creating and sending agreements to guests and HOA, Akia has truly lightened our load by automating our processes.

Cailin Russell

Director of Guest Services


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