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Case Study

Red Rock Vacation Rentals prioritizes guest satisfaction by streamlining and expediting guest communication.

Boost guest satisfaction.

For over four years, Red Rock Vacation Rentals have successfully leveraged Akia’s guest communication and automation platform. Prior to adopting Akia, their guest engagement relied heavily on emails and physical guest books, which significantly hindered their ability to promptly interact with guests.

Transitioning from emails to Akia’s messaging system allowed Red Rock Vacation Rentals to improve their responsiveness and frequency of interaction. This upgrade has substantially increased guest satisfaction, fostering more positive experiences for the company.

"Akia has built a product that makes it super easy for our team, no matter where they are, to jump in and help guests in a snap. We can quickly resend any info they need, and everything is neatly organized in one place. Plus, it's a breeze to see who's connected and responding to messages. Our team loves it so much that we've made a commitment to get back to guests right away!"
Cheyenne Hayes
Director of Guest Servicing

Speed up by going digital.

Red Rock Vacation Rentals has embraced the numerous advantages of going digital. From setting a favorable impression by sharing digital guest books comprising relevant information to enabling staff to respond and reshare details quickly.

Furthermore, Akia’s inbox empowers staff by providing transparency and allowing them to monitor unanswered questions. Additionally, with the unified inbox capabilities, the system centralizes all OTA communication, granting the staff more time for critical tasks.

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