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Case Study

The Maimon Group ditches external applications and embraces Akia's all-in-one solution for a smoother experience for guests and staff.

An extension of your brand.

Before Akia, The Maimon Group used external applications like WhatsApp to communicate with guests. They created numerous group chats, requiring extra attention. They sent rental rules and contracts manually, either through chat or email, which became challenging to track after a point. 

Deploying Akia and leveraging Booklets and Mini Apps enabled The Maimon Group to automate pre-arrival processes. Unlike other applications, Akia operates like an extension. For example, upon booking, guests receive thank you Booklet reflecting The Maimon Group brand, and comprising relevant reservation details. Akia helped The Maimon Group bring in much-needed organization and structure.

“Akia has solidified processes and simplified the interaction, making it smoother for the guests and the staff. Our team loves it, especially on the admin side. We love the transparency it has brought in; for example, sales or whoever is communicating directly with the guest can see that the agreement is up and signed, and they can give check-in instructions. Everyone loves Akia!”
Kat Peterka
Distribution and Development Manager

Secure Processing.

The Maimon Group required a different set-up for payments, forcing teams to juggle between multiple channels. Instituting Akia to process payments improved operational flow, provided consistency, and made the checkout process more seamless. Plus, having a one stop solution for all guest needs added a modern touch to their guest journeys. 

Furthermore, The Maimon Group leverages Akia’s integration with Veriff - an industry leader in online identity verification, to detect and prevent credit card fraud. This new level of safety emboldens The Maimon Group to provide a faster and better guest experience.

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