Respond 55% faster to guest requests.

Case Study

Prince Waikiki reduced their average response rate for guest requests from ~9 minutes to ~ 4 minutes by utilizing Akia.

Get swift.

Before Akia, Prince Waikiki used another software that sent out surveys to guests and notified the staff via email. The process had many loopholes and required staff to follow up via call to address requests. It was time-consuming and frustrating. Their average response time for guest requests was ~ 9 minutes.

Implementing Akia enabled Prince Waikiki to create excellent rapport with all guests while easing the extra load on the staff. Communication with guests occurred in real-time and guest requests got addressed a lot more swiftly. 

With Akia, Prince Waikiki's overall response rate decreased by 55%, and they took ~ 4 minutes to get back to guests.

"When a guest wakes up in their room and texts - "when is the check out time?" - Akia already has an automated response that shoots out, so they know they have to leave at 12 o clock. They do not have to pick up the phone and call anyone, and they do not have to walk downstairs and wait in line to speak to someone, so I think 'time' is one the greatest asset and one of the things that has helped us out as a property tremendously just that you know the expedited response. Also, it is cool to have excellent service coming from the team here and from the palm of your hands, which helps elevate us too."
Ethan Fishbane
Director of the Front Office

Convenience and comfort.

Akia facilitates guests to communicate from the comfort of their rooms instantly. For example, Akia helped Prince Waikiki create fast connectivity with guests who did not prefer walking up to the front desk. The electronic Reg Cards streamline their checkout process, allowing guests to check out automatically without crowding up the front desk. 

Plus, providing upgraded and advanced service helps elevate Prince Waikiki and acts as an additional selling point. 

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