AUto Responder

Streamline operations with automated replies.

Automate away the common repetitive questions that your customers may have. This will give you and your team more time to focus on the things that matter.
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Guests are just wow-ed at how fast they can get a response and they don’t have to worry about getting put on hold.

Gwen Castro, Reservations Supervisor

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santa barbara inn reservations supervisor
Akia check in and upsell example
AI-Driven Auto Replies
Save time with artificial intelligence.
Pre-configured messages answer frequently asked questions, so you don't need to repeat yourself.
FAQ Responder
Add your personal touch.
Customize messages to answer questions that are specific to your property, like your WiFi password or front office hours.
ability to customize automatic replies to answer property-specific questions
scheduled messaging for post-first night stay
Scheduled Messaging
Automatically message at the right time.
Schedule a message and let Akia take care of it for you.
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Message Templates

Tired of repeating yourself?

Set up and create custom macros for you and your team to use. Macros are saved templates that are easily accessible.
example of Akia's macros
Akia helps us be a lot more efficient and our guests appreciate the difference.

Sean Mitton, Valet Team

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santa barbara inn valet team
No more putting guests on hold.
Automate replies to serve guests faster, save more time on your end, and improve guest experiences.
Reduced Calls
Increase in 5-star reviews after using akia for 30 days

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