CONTACTLESS hotel operations

Welcome your guests safely with contactless check-in

Streamline new contactless operations and guest communications with the premier text messaging solution for hotels.

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iPhone frame with digital registration card gif inside

Digital Registration card

Register your guests early with text-messaging.

Use Akia's rich attachment feature to have guests read and sign digital hotel registration cards before they arrive on property, streamlining the overall check-in process and avoiding close contact at the front desk.


AI-Driven automation

Save time with automated replies.

In these times, having enough resources may prove difficult. Get time back by letting Akia automatically respond to common questions from hotel guests.

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Akia digital compendium on an iPhone

Digital booklets

Present your best with a mobile brochure.

Digital Compendiums are mobile-friendly, interactive, and customizable. Include important notices, digital menus, and links to upsell various hotel services all on one page.

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Guests are just wow-ed at how fast they can get a response and they don’t have to worry about getting put on hold.


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Reservations Supervisor at The Santa Barbara Inn
upselling early check in to guest who is arriving early

smart upsell

Drive more revenue.

Collect all the guest information you need ahead of time and automatically upsell upgrades, early check-in, and additional services.

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Easy Integrations

Integrate Akia with your PMS.

Akia integrates with most property management systems within 24 hours. Enable your hotel staff to streamline operations at the front desk by using an integration.

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Akia driving 5-star reviews for a hotel

Get feedback and improve metrics you care about.

TripAdvisor integration

Akia will drive happy guests to write you more 5-star reviews.

Catch it early

Our Guest Surveys will let you catch issues before they become problems.

Collect feedback

Understand what makes happy guests and improve for their next visits.

Stay safe with Akia

Enable Akia and provide contactless check-in for your guests. Fill out the form and our team will get in touch.

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