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Brett/Robinson is the Rental Expert on the Gulf Coast. They maintain more property inventory than any other local vacation rental company. When guests think of vacationing on the Gulf Coast, they think of Brett/Robinson.

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Scheduled Messages, Mini Apps, Team Chat
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Vacation Rental
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1600+ units

Brett Robinson, a prominent player in the vacation rental industry, boasts an impressive portfolio of approximately 1,600 rental units across 40 different beachfront locations. The company's commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences has always been at the forefront of its operations. However, they faced a significant challenge in ensuring smooth guest arrivals and efficient check-in processes.

Manual check-ins processes:

Before adopting Akia, Brett Robinson relied on traditional check-in procedures. Guests were required to visit one of the 24 service desks spread across their properties to complete check-in formalities. This included presenting identification, signing agreements, and receiving access keys. These manual processes were time-consuming and led to long lines and wait times, negatively impacting the overall guest experience.

Guest expectations and technology:

As the vacation rental industry evolved, so did guest expectations. While many guests sought a technology-free escape, they also desired streamlined and hassle-free check-in experiences. The challenge for Brett Robinson was to find a solution that could meet these diverse expectations.

Team efficiency and communication:

Inefficient communication among team members was another challenge. Traditional communication methods led to information silos, where certain team members had access to specific information while others remained unaware. This fragmented approach hindered teamwork and occasionally resulted in miscommunication.


To address the above issues and transform guest arrivals and communication, Brett/ Robinson began testing Akia and its integration with Track (a property management solution)

Automating arrivals: 

One of the most impactful solutions Akia offered was the ability to complete check-ins in advance. With Akia's text-based system, Brett Robinson could streamline the process significantly. Guests could now submit their identification and even a selfie for facial recognition, thus confirming their identity. Akia seamlessly uploaded this information Track ensuring a durable record of each guest's details.

When the housekeeping team marked a unit as clean, Akia triggered the check-in process and sent the guest their door code before they even set foot on the property. This innovative approach eliminated the need for guests to check in at the front desk in person, significantly reducing waiting times and lines.

Efficient team collaboration:

Akia addressed another critical challenge by providing a unified inbox for all guest interactions, regardless of the channel they originated from. This meant all team members had access to the same messages, inquiries, and updates. This promoted faster decision-making, improved collaboration, and enhanced transparency within the organization. With the unified inbox, team members could work together seamlessly to ensure that each guest received the best possible service.

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Automatic Arrivals



Auto ID Verification


"The communication power of Akia is most valuable for us. It allows us to interact more meaningfully and efficiently with our guests by eliminating long wait times. Our staff can now use that time to interact with guests and improve everyone's vacation experience."

Billy Widner

Chief Marketing Officer


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