Take the Busy out of Business

Case Study

Development VP Chase shares how Akia helps organize the chaotic front desk experience, so the staff can focus on providing a premier experience for their guests.

Phones ringing off the hook?

As the premier hotels in their respective areas, PHG hotels receive constant phone calls from prospective guests with many inquiries. With many guests arriving and departing during peak hours, it can be difficult for staff to keep up with the call volume while handling the guests standing in front of them, and many calls may go unanswered.

With Akia’s Missed-Call-to-Text feature, PHG can rely on Akia to intercept missed phone calls and automatically engage guests who called via text message. This allows the properties to provide critical information to the calling guests and also create an additional communication channel for guests to ask their questions.

Staff no longer have to fret about missing phone calls because they know Akia is there to help those guests when they are unable to. To date, Akia has engaged with nearly tens of thousands phone calls on behalf of properties.

From following up on phone calls to capturing signatures, Akia has helped digitize our front desk operations and how we stay engaged with our guests. Because Akia takes a load off from our busy staff, they can truly focus on providing the best experience for those guests that are standing right in front of them. Our check-in process has become a lot smoother since no one has to fumble around with pens and papers anymore!
Chase Santillanes
VP of Development

Something we can 100% agree on

While delivering digital registration cards over text messages prior to check-in has drastically increased the open and completion rate, some guests may still arrive at the property empty-handed with their registration card incomplete.

Akia provides a tablet kiosk solution that allows front desk agents to quickly and easily push registration cards to an accessible tablet where guests can sign and complete the agreements. Instead of printing the agreement for guests to sign or asking them to pull out their phones, staff can simply offer the front desk tablet.

With the combination of delivering registration cards via text messaging and tablet kiosk, PHG has fully digitized registration card signatures and get a near 100% completion rate from all their arriving guests.

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