Generate 2x revenue.

Case Study

Ski Country Resort makes extra revenue through upsells, tipping, and regaining OTA commission.

Regain OTA commission.

Ski Country Resort lost a percentage of its reservation revenue to third parties like, Airbnb, VRBO, and other OTAs. However, leveraging the 2-way integration between Escapia and Akia and utilizing Akia’s Payments and automation, the property regains the dollars lost in commission.  

When a reservation comes through Escapia, Akia recognizes the booking source and triggers to send the check-in instruction accordingly. Allowing the platform to waive early check-in fees for direct bookings.

"Akia has been a good way to make a little more extra income on the early check-ins and late check-outs. It helped give our housekeepers a better bonus after a busy Christmas. It has also been a nice way to regain some of those commissions we pay to third parties. The way you can customize so many aspects of reservation has made our life so much easier. I can’t imagine how we’d be functioning if we had not set up this automation."
Shannon Sinnard
Sales & Marketing Director, Ski Country Resorts

Automate add-ons.

Maximizing Akia’s customization with payments, cashless tipping, and upsells enabled the Ski Country Resort to multiply revenue and offer a more significant bonus to housekeepers.

For example, Ski Country Resort has implemented end-to-end automation with early check-ins. On the day of arrival, Akia filters guests based on unit occupancy, housekeeping/ maintenance status, etc., and sends them a text offering early check-in. Guests that opt for early check-in get notified with a digital invoice and request credit card details.

Furthermore, Akia recognizes completed payments and issues updated check-in instructions and door codes.

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