Payments with Akia

October 3, 2022

Process balances like a breeze.

Reduce extra steps and collect reservation dues directly from guests by authorizing payments in Akia’s registration forms and digital invoices. Have guests pay their outstanding balances as part of the pre-arrival formalities.

Simplified operations.

Implement process automation and workflows to track transactions, send reminders to guests, and notify your staff. Reduce labor hours while dedicating more time to creating a stellar guest experience.

Convenient and safe.

Provide convenience by having guests pay remotely. Send digital invoices and collect payments through text messaging. Avoid credit card forms and conduct safe transactions in compliance with PCI regulations.

Frictionless transactions.

Offer the option to self-pay with one click and empower guests by providing their payment method of preference from digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards to ACH

Secure processing.

Akia payments are securely screened and verified to protect you and your property against fraudulent activities that can result in costly chargebacks.  

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