Hit record months with hotel SMS marketing.

It's 5 times more cost-effective to nurture a past guest than it is to attract a new one, and business text messaging is the most effective hotel marketing channel to book return guests without commissions. Boost your hotel marketing strategy today.

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Drive Revenue
Ditch email and grow direct sales.
Business text-messaging is outpacing email marketing in terms of engagement and performance in the hotel industry. And as a booking channel, it's commission-free.
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Janissa Reyes, Marketing Manager at 1906 Lodge
Being able to show that we drove 72x ROI further justifies the need to include text campaigns in our marketing efforts.
Janissa Reyes
Marketing manager, 1906 Lodge
Increased conversion rates with A.I.
Two-way communication increases the chance of conversion by 600% when compared to one-way. And artificial intelligence makes it easy to manage.
We did a total of 18 massages that weekend, totaling over $2,000 in extra revenue.
Heather Pleasants
promotion to a previous guest who likes wine tasting
Engage your Guests
Finally. Some good results.
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Hotel marketing made easy.

Personalize your marketing messaging to increase conversion rates.

Reach your guests like you never have before with hotel SMS marketing. Target the right guest personas with a personalized message tailored for them.
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Akia is making the guest feel like I'm tailor-made for them.
Cashawna Creary
Dylan hotel
A Comprehensive one-pager
Upsell your offerings on one page.
Digital Booklets are mobile-friendly, interactive, and customizable. Upsell guests by including everything you want guests to see on a visually appealing one-pager.
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Akia digital compendium on an iPhone
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Capture more opportunities.
Drive direct bookings on your website.
Create a live channel of communication with prospective guests browsing your website, and Akia will automatically follow up and drive direct bookings.
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See it in action.

Use hotel text-messaging to drive guest engagement and direct bookings today.

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