Enable contactless check-in for your property with RemoteLock + Akia

RemoteLock partners with Akia to help streamline your arrival workflows.
Guests pre-registered over text. Door codes sent when they show up to the front door. Automatically. It doesn't have to be a dream.

Integrate Akia with RemoteLock

Akia integrates with RemoteLock to bring contactless check-in with digital key solutions to your hotel.
They’ve streamlined the check-in process both for our guests and our associates, shaving off valuable time for every party involved. We’ve been able to deliver unique door codes quicker than ever.
Tony Heim
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Cut down close-contact touchpoints

Akia's Digital Registration Cards enable properties to check in guests early and collect all relevant documents digitally, issue key code automatically after guests complete registration process.

Present your property digitally

Use Digital Booklets to display the most important information about your property, including relevant notices, amenities, and nearby activities in a mobile friendly format.
Akia digital compendium on an iPhone

A new way to communicate with guests.

Meet your guests where they're at and use text-messaging to improve the guest experience.
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Prevent negative reviews

Use In-Stay Surveys to gather insights from your guests, and address any issues before they leave your property.
sample of guest not feeling satisfied with hotel cleanliness on the in-stay survey
We saw our positive review scores go from 38% to 92% in just a couple months after deploying Akia.
General Manager at The Domain Hotel
Justin Hart, General Manager
Domain Hotel
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Improve your online reputation

Akia automatically asks happy guests to leave 5-star reviews on Google or TripAdvisor, so you can just sit back and watch the positive reviews come in.

Streamline operations with automation and team chat.

With tools like Akia's Automated Replies and Team Chat, your hotel staff can save time and focus on keeping guests happy with truly unique experiences.
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