Business Messaging

Communicate efficiently with business messaging.

Technology has changed how people prefer to communicate, so we want to help you stay engaged with customers where they are.
Guests love the option of texting us rather than having to call down to the front desk.

Ryan Ledwith, Front Desk Supervisor

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Front Desk Supervisor at Santa Barbara Inn
person checking into hotel through online registration
Contactless Communication
Stay connected, even in a contactless world.
Keep your customers and staff safe by moving age-old paper and pen processes to Mini Apps and messaging.
AI-based Automation
Let Akia answer the common questions.
Akia uses artificial intelligence to automatically respond to frequently asked questions, so your team can shine for the not-so-common ones.
Akia answering common questions like where the ice machine is
Missed Call to Text
No more missed calls
Don't miss out on revenue because you missed those phone calls. Have Akia automatically text your customers back when you miss the call.
Unified Inbox
Stay organized in one inbox.
Communicate with all your customers in one organized place. Even with guests who prefer to use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or WeChat.
Akia's unified inbox
example of Akia on mobile application
Mobile App
Communicate from anywhere.
Solve problems in real time. Akia is available on iOS and Android, so you and your team don't have to be desk-bound to service your customers.

Drive Revenue

Ditch email and grow direct sales.

Text-messaging is outpacing email in terms of engagement and performance. And as a booking channel, it's commission-free.
Being able to show that we drove 72x ROI further justifies the need to include text campaigns in our marketing efforts.
Janissa Reyes
example of a cluster that Akia can make
Akia helps us to ensure that we are providing a safe environment for everyone to visit and enjoy.

Sandra Miller,
Director of Sales and Marketing

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Glen Ivy Hot Springs Director of Sales and Marketing
Don't miss out on building strong relationships with guests.
Engage with your guests on their favorite platform. They'll have a much better experience.
People who would rather message than call customer service
Number of texts the average person sends a day
Increase in guest engagement

Create memorable experiences with Akia.

Learn how our customers are achieving more with today's leader in guest engagement.