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Properties use rich agreement attachments to streamline rentals and on-property activities, and enhance customer service.



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At Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, guests can relax and enjoy onsite activities that the resort has to offer. During the summer months, the resort gets very busy and serves many guests looking to rent out kayaks and other equipment. In order to do so, guests must sign a liability waiver prior to renting the equipment. Before Akia, the resort manually handed out paper waivers for guests to sign, but this method was not efficient and slowed down the pace of the sign up process.

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Out with slow processes

As a hotelier, you know that having guests review and sign forms is a necessary part of the hotel stay. It may not be the most exciting part of the vacation, but guests need to agree to policies before beginning their stay. Usually, properties have guests sign paper forms at check-in, keeping weary travelers from getting to their rooms as quickly as possible.


In with digital agreements

Akia has created an Agreement Template to streamline this process - a digital attachment that can be generated dynamically and texted to hotel guests. Once the guest receives an agreement, they can review its content, fill in the required details, and sign the digital form. The agreement's contents could include hotel policies or COVID-19 screening questions that guests can fill out promptly before their arrival.

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“We are using agreements for Akia to send out digital liability waivers for equipment rentals to our guests. This is very helpful to us, especially in our peak seasons when our rental equipment is in high demand.”

Alexander A. Mourelatos

General Manager


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