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Black Swan's partnership with Akia exemplified the power of strategic integrations.


Black Swan is more than an alternative to traditional hotel accommodations. They are your full-service travel companion, ensuring that whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, with a group or solo, you can maximize your travel experiences while you stay in their delightfully designed dwellings. They see their properties not just existing as dwellings for the independent traveler but as places that allow you to breathe the local culture in and out. Spaces where you are not only a consumer of culture but an active player within your borrowed surroundings.

Key Features
Auto verification, Payments, Scheduled Messages, Mini Apps, Team Chat
Property Type
Vacation Rental
Property Size
70+ units

From chaos to cohesion.

In an era of evolving guest expectations and technological advancements, Black Swan, a company with over 70 properties across multiple markets, sought to enhance their guest experience and operational efficiency. According to Carrie T, the Director of Distribution, Black Swan recognized the challenges of managing properties, communication, and integrations within their growing portfolio.

Previously, Black Swan had experimented with various platforms, but none provided the seamless integration they needed. Then came Akia, a guest communication platform, which turned out to be a game-changer. With Akia's intuitive interface and robust capabilities, all communication was centralized in one reliable system. This transition streamlined their guest interactions, increasing overall guest satisfaction.


Unifying excellence.

One of the most impactful integrations was with MEWS, their property management system (PMS). The integration enabled Akia to seamlessly pull data from MEWS, ensuring timely guest communication, check-in instructions, and more. While navigating integrations with other systems, Black Swan discovered that Akia's team was proactive and receptive, willing to collaborate to ensure smooth workflows.

The integration with Autohost, a guest verification platform, facilitated efficient guest verification, enabling accurate check-in instructions.

Carrie shared that Akia's integrated approach brought significant value. Unlike all-in-one solutions that often falter in execution, Akia's focused integration approach delivered reliable and efficient features. This approach empowered their team to manage communication more effectively and freed them from the constraints of constantly switching between platforms.

Akia's efforts also boosted their guest communication ratings, even on platforms like Airbnb, where guests might assume traditional communication methods. The ability to offer high-quality communication through a unified software contributed to enhanced guest satisfaction and better reviews.

By providing a tailored, efficient, and centralized guest communication platform, Akia reshaped Black Swan's hospitality landscape, fostering a more efficient operational environment and elevating the guest experience to new heights.

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"Unlike other systems that claim to do it all, Akia's approach of focused integration has been a game-changer for Black Swan. Their team's openness to collaborate on custom solutions has been impressive. We've found that many systems try to do everything and end up falling short. Akia understands the value of integrations and has helped us streamline our operations while offering a top-notch guest experience. Their platform has allowed us to maintain high communication ratings, even on platforms like Airbnb, and has truly reshaped our approach to hospitality."

Carrie T

Director of Distribution


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