Turn 1-Timers to Repeat Guests

Case Study

Opening up a new channel for communication and instant feedback helped The White Hart turn 1-time guests to repeat guests.

Organize Communication

Before Akia, The White Hart staff lacked organized processes for guest communication. Automating 2-way communication with Akia eliminated the need for checking in manually with every guest regarding their stay. Doing so also ensured every guest felt heard and valued, which ultimately made a big difference in turning 1-time guests to repeat guests. 

Akia's integration with their PMS - innRoad - fine tunes guest communication processes furthermore. Akia pulls in contact and booking information from innRoad and proactively sends RegCards to incoming guests before arrival, helping the staff get complete visibility on late arrivals and no-shows.

"The most remarkable thing that Akia has done is opened up our communication to the customer. It has provided an additional channel to the guests that they seem to appreciate and use. Akia has brought in an operational organization and helped us be better at what we do, helping us turn one-time guests to repeat guests, which drives the bottom line."
Daniel Winkley
Hotel Manager

Consolidate Feedback

For The White Hart, one of the biggest hurdles with guest feedback was that it was not real-time. They used an external survey platform for collecting feedback, making it challenging for the staff to keep track and improvise service. 

As opposed to checking in survey feedback once in two weeks, Akia's feedback management capabilities allow The White Hart team to access captured data instantly and eliminate the need to toggle between multiple platforms. This also enabled the staff to reach back out to the guest immediately if needed – keeping both guests and staff satisfied.

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