Staying Connected No Matter The Distance

Case Study

Property managers communicate with their guests in real time even when they are miles apart.

Every day is different

Fairfield Plantation Resort’s check-in process can be different based on the day and staff’s availability in the front office.

The Resort can readily welcome its guests by leveraging Akia’s customizable Scheduled Messaging. For example, based on which day of the week is the arrival, Fairfield can automatically customize their pre-arrival message that provides accurate check-in instructions to the arriving guests.

"Before Akia, we spent hours customizing different information in emails for our guests based on different criteria like day of week or condo unit. Now Akia handles all of this automatically, and it really saves time so we can really take care of our guests."
Maren Trader
Office Manager

Many addresses, one setup

Based on guests’ attributes (i.e., the unit they are staying in), Akia can populate and customize messages and digital booklets. Unlike a traditional hotel with one large building and multiple rooms, Fairfield Plantation Resort’s rentals are free-standing condos & cottages that spread across many acres. This means that, like any other gated community, addresses on Google Maps are not always accurate, and they won’t take the guests directly to their units. Luckily, with Akia, property managers can dynamically and automatically provide Google Maps with the correct GPS coordinates to the designated units, so guests are never lost while getting to their destinations.

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