Skip the front desk with Akia x Cloudbeds.

Case Study

Stayable Suites eliminated the need for front desk processing by Instituting Akia and leveraging Akia’s integration with Cloudbeds.

Central place for managing.

Before implementing Akia, Stayable Suites’ biggest challenge was the lack of standardization across properties. Akia helps consolidate communication and provides Stayable Suites with a central place to manage all guest-related exchanges so that nothing gets missed. 

Administering webchat via Akia generated more business (aka more revenue) for Stayable Suites which was otherwise getting lost.  

Furthermore, Akia’s real-time sync with Cloudbeds allows Stayable Suites to automate the entire guest journey, from checking in and communicating to recording payments and balances. 

"Akia’s ability to charge a security deposit and balance due has been tremendously helpful in skipping the front desk payment process.”
John Witenburg
Chief Investment Officer

No more front-desk payments.

Labor shortage made it tedious for Stayable Suites to maintain consistent quality and control across properties. They leveraged Akia and Akia’s integration with Cloudbeds to automate most front-desk operations.

Akia’s ability to process payments, collect balances, and post surcharges gave Stayable Suites confidence in eliminating the front desk payment processing. 

Akia <> Cloubeds integration allows Akia to update guest folio in Cloubeds regarding the charged payments and surcharges. 

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