Send Rental Agreements Instantly

Case Study

Simpson Properties Group texts digital rental agreement to guests with Akia

Complete rental agreements faster than you can say "please sign here."

More often than not, the rental agreement you have just emailed your guest is sitting alongside hundreds of emails competing for attention. Modern travelers have full email inboxes and don’t read every single one.

Text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to a mere 22% for emails.

With the Escapia integration, Simpson Properties Group leverages Akia to automatically text a digital rental agreement to their guests as soon as the booking is confirmed. The rental agreement allows them to display and ensure guests understand their rental rules, capture additional guest information, and, most importantly, get the guests’ digital signatures. As a result, greater than 90% of rental agreements are signed and completed in under 8 hours.

“Operating a vacation rental business is not easy, but Akia has made it just a little easier for us. It’s amazing to get our rental agreement signed back so fast after the booking has been confirmed. This allows us to get ready to help our guests and give them a peace of mind rather than focusing on the nitty gritty paperworks.”
Hunter Simpson
Customer Service Manager, Simpson Properties Group

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