Operate staff-free with Akia x RemoteLock.

Case Study

Akia and RemoteLock integration enabled LOGE Westport to operate seamlessly without a 24/7 Office.

Operate without 24/7 office.

LOGE Westport is a non-traditional outdoor hotel with a mix of rooms and campsites, making it distinctive for the team to manage unit accessibility. Before implementing Akia and leveraging its real-time sync with RemoteLock, LOGE Westport relied on longer processes to get door codes to guests, costing them time and money.

Setting up Akia and RemoteLock integration enables LOGE Westport to create a streamlined end-to-end automated workflow – from identifying new arriving guests and having them sign up via Reg Cards to sending unit location maps, door codes, and community area and bathroom accessibility.

"The integration with Remotelock and Akia seems to have a higher response time. When we make those changes, they populate almost instantaneously. So, if it's in Akia, it'll be just a couple of seconds before it's in Remotelock, which is nice! The reliability and the seamless integration and the support staff that comes with it have made a huge difference for us."
Liz Vessey
General Manager, LOGE Westport

Communicate effectively.

Before introducing Akia, LOGE Westport worked with another provider that worked only via website and message updates, often resulting in delayed communication. With Akia, the property, the staff can access the app making it easier to stay connected with the guests on the go, and facilitate better communication management. 

Akia's Mini Apps, Booklets, Reg Cards, and automation streamline arrival processes and execute seamless back-and-forth communication.

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