Leveraging SMS Marketing To Drive More Bookings

Case Study

Hawaiian Hotels & Resorts drives more bookings with SMS campaigns as Hawaii reopens for travel.

Run successful SMS campaigns

It’s no question that many travel destinations, including Hawaii, took a hit because of the pandemic. However, even with restrictions being lifted, businesses take a while to normalize as people get re-acquainted with traveling.

Royal Lahaina Resort and Royal Kona Resort looked into offering multiple great deals as the islands reopened for travelers to generate demand and get more bookings. As an experienced digital marketer, Taylor Shumate (Digital Marketing Director @ Hogan Hospitality Group) looked to Akia to help reengage with her guests and boost bookings for the resorts for the upcoming months.

Guests were already familiar with Akia’s contactless communication, as they were already engaging with the properties over text messaging during their previous stays. Taylor saw text-messaging campaigns as a highly engaging, personalized channel to supplement her digital marketing efforts to drive more business for Hawaiian Hotels.

"We think text-messaging is an important, new channel to stay connected with our guests — it is the future for marketing. We’re excited to work with Akia to pilot these campaigns, and we are thrilled to see that text-messaging can drive such high returns for us. We are excited to continue to leverage text-messaging campaigns for our future offers and deals."
Taylor Shumate
Digital Marketing Director, Hogan Hospitality Group

Reach the right audience with advanced targeting

With Akia's advanced targeting capabilities, pilot campaigns used Designated Market Area (DMA) to target local Hawaiian residents and mainland guests. This utilization allowed Royal Lahaina and Royal Kona to personalize offers to their guests based on their residencies, increasing the campaigns' efficiency.

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