Increased Hotel Revenue Through Akia Guest Messaging

Case Study

The Bellmoor shares how Akia had unexpectedly driven thousands in revenue to its spa business.


Akia has the ability for hotels to broadcast messages to groups of guests. If you ever need to notify guests of incidents in a pinch, Broadcast means a previously 45-minute process now only takes 45 seconds. Useful for alerts or letting guests know about special events. Akia is TCPA compliant, so you don't need to worry about handling unsubscribes to marketing messages.

"We utilized Akia to broadcast a message to guests on Friday before they checked in for the weekend. We were unsure if we would even get any responses, and kept our expectations low. Not only did they respond to the texts, but we had a terrific response! We did a total of 18 massages that weekend, totaling over $2,000 in extra revenue."
Heather Pleasants
Spa Director

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