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Case Study

Leveraging Akia's integration with rezStream, and utilizing broadcast saved Napili Surf Beach Resort tons of time.

Pull Accurate & Necessary Info.

Before implementing Akia, Napili Surf Beach Resort relied heavily on manual importing data from their PMS - rezStream - to communicate with their guests. However, hand-holding every guest and physically keeping track of every reservation was time-consuming and cumbersome.

Administering Akia and leveraging its seamless integration with rezStream elevated the Napili Surf Beach Resort staff, freeing up much of their time. In addition, Akia's ability to automatically pull accurate and necessary data was a game changer for the front desk team. While the integration helped expedite the check-in process, the automation streamlined the arrivals.

"One of the biggest challenges Akia addressed for us was streamlining the arrival process and allowing us to do contactless check-in. We no longer have to hand-hold every guest, saving us a lot of time. As a result, we can easily have one person manage the front desk. Even as I speak with you, I am replying to customers - someone's on their way; I just confirmed to a guest they have service scheduled today, responding to people asking about restaurants in the area, etc. Akia helps me multitask."
Paul Savage
Front Desk & Registration

Keep Them Looped In.

Having the ability to reach every guest at the right time and right place is crucial to maintain an optimal guest experience. However, with emails having low open rates, it can get challenging to reach groups of guests simultaneously.  

Introducing Akia's broadcast into their daily operations yielded positive impacts, saving Napili Surf Beach Resort staff tremendous time. They could instantly get everyone up to speed on new updates, events, and emergencies. In addition, employing broadcast contributed to a significant rise in guest engagement.

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