Cut Operational Cost with Centralized Communication

Case Study

Coastal Maine Vacations' VP & Portfolio Manager, Justin Jurist shares how Akia has streamlined their communication, and helped in reducing operational costs.

Teams with limited Bandwidth

Coastal Maine Vacations' tightly-knit team manages numerous units across multiple locations. One of their biggest concerns was managing guests communication.

Before Coastal Maine adopted Akia, they used to have outpouring calls, emails, and messages from multiple channels. It was nearly impossible for the team to consolidate communication into one portal without hiring more employees, which only meant one thing - more operational cost.

Switching to Akia allows Coastal Maine Vacations to manage all communication flow in one centralized location without adding additional team members. In addition, with Akia's dashboard, the team gets a real-time snapshot of the company's health, giving them the ability to prioritize and act proactively. As a result, they can respond much faster and from anywhere, on the go.

Akia’s automated messaging system enabled Coastal Maine Vacations to provide fast and responsive service. And the company no longer needed extra hiring, which helped minimize its operational costs.

“We definitely would be in a worse situation if not for Akia. With a team of only two, we’d probably need to hire at least 2 more people for example for answering phones and emails separately if we didn’t invest in Akia’s platform. This system has greatly helped in keeping our operational costs at bay.”
Justin Jurist
VP & Portfolio Manager

One Place Hub

Coastal Maine Vacations utilizes Akia's Unified Inbox to combine all communication. Akia's one inbox approach facilitates their staff to keep all in-house and guest communications organized in one central location. The team can easily consolidate guest messages from VRBO, Airbnb, Whatsapp, SMS, and incoming phone calls. 

In addition to managing guest messages, the team uses Akia's Unified Inbox to streamline internal back and forth between staff and housekeepers. The team tracks progress with auto-notifications that comes in via texts - for example, at the start of a clean, when completed and when the housekeepers create a maintenance case. This provides real-time progress without having to dig through emails.

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