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Akia x Jonas Chorum's integration changed the narrative for Pembina Inn & Suites by allowing them to be more proactive and equipped.

Quick In & Out

Prior to Akia x Jonas Chorum integration, Pembina Inn & Suites had no specific process to track incoming guests making it very difficult to stay prepared for late arrivals and no-shows. The lack of visibility contributed to poor management and longer check-in times. 

Pembina Inn & Suites automated their pre-arrival processes using Akia x Jonas Chorum integration, giving the staff more control in managing and tracking guests. Akia automatically pulls in data from Jonas Chorum, prompts the guests to pre-register via Reg Cards on the day of arrival, and notifies staff immediately on confirmation.

The integration expedites check-in, minimizes no-shows, and helps the team stay proactive for late arrivals.

"The integration helps us ensure that everybody coming in is coming in because they do the pre-registration. Akia takes guests to a pre-registration link, and sends us the confirmation instantly. The new feature has minimized our no-shows and helped us stay informed. Overall helping the customer service aspect and maintaining our occupancy."
Jenny Briones & Tammy Lowry
Front Desk Managers

Messages > Emails

According to a LinkedIn study, people are 134% more likely to respond to a text than an email, and 86% of businesses using texting find it generates higher engagement than email.

Pembina Inn & Suites relied heavily on obtaining pre-registration confirmation via emails, which resulted in a low response rate - less than 25%

Switching to Akia and having Akia push Reg Cards via text messages helped the team scale confirmations by 2x times, increasing engagement to a solid 50%.

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