Mini Apps are how you'll set yourself apart from the rest.

No downloads. No logins. No developers. Your customers are literally one text away from using the Mini App you built.
Thanks for booking with us at the Hotel Peppercorn.
Forget the developer. And you know what? Your geeky niece can sit this one out, too. 🤓
Our interface makes it so easy for you to start building. Pick and choose from a variety of templates and you'll be impressing your customers in no time.
Embed Mini Apps right into your text-messages.
Our scheduler allows you to quickly add Mini Apps into messages you can automate to your customers.
We appreciate your patronage. We'll call you when your table is ready. Press 1 to cancel. Press 2 to modify. Reply STOP 2 end msgs.

Really? Just stop it.

It was cool a decade ago, but now it's like you're not even trying. Let's get you set up today. 👇

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