Digital Booklets

Showcase your best offers

Digital booklets give guests the most important information about your hotel in an easily accessible way.

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Akia digital compendium on an iPhone
Consolidate Information
A comprehensive one-pager
Digital Booklets are mobile-friendly, interactive, and customizable. Include everything you want guests to see.
Highly Customizable
No-code Builder
The drag-and-drop builder empowers businesses to build professional, responsive, and personalized digital booklet in a completely visual canvas with no code.
Akia digital booklet carousel links
Include things to do
Feature your amenities
Lay out all of the amenities and activities your hotel has to offer, and upsell them to your guests.
Chat with your guests
Link to messaging options
Enable guests to quickly find your contact information and reach you via messaging.
Akia digital compendium chat links
Akia digital booklet YouTube video links
Make it interactive
Use video content
Introduce your property through a YouTube video, or include other relevant information, such as an instructional video on how to turn the shower on.
Add dining options
Direct guests to menus
Allow guests to easily find your restaurant menu and place orders online.
Akia digital compendium menu links
Akia digital booklet social media links
Spread the word
Connect with guests on socials
Allow guests to easily find and tag you on various social media platforms, so they can share their great hotel experience with their friends and family.

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