Case Study

The Bellmoor

Benjamin Gray, General Manager explains how Akia's mobile app is improving how he and his team think about operations.

A beautiful room at The Bellmoor Inn and Spa
Benjamin carries his phone with him throughout his busy day, which means he can use Akia's mobile app to stay connected to his guests and hold his team accountable with just a few taps.

Benjamin Gray

General Manager

Akia has revolutionized the way we prioritize customer service. Its immediate, digital response has received overwhelming support from my staff and guests. Both the mobile and desktop apps are simple to use, integrates well with our operations, and gives us instant access to our guests, all of which allows us to capitalize on a new level of hospitality excellence.
General Manager at The Bellmoor
Here's a quick look at the type of engagement this is
driving for The Bellmoor.
Engaged Guests
Messages Sent/Received
(per guest)
Automated Messages

Mobile Broadcast

Benjamin recalls a story about ONE EARLY morning, when the hotel lost all hot water.
"Normally, I ask my front desk staff to call every room in house, and notify each guest of the situation. This process can take between 30-45 minutes and normally results in several unanswered calls.

With Akia, that changed instantly. I can now easily pull out my phone, tap a button, and broadcast a message to all in house guests and consistently keep them informed of our progress throughout the day.

This significantly cut down on labor time, long distance charges, and annoying phone calls. Our guests were extremely grateful for the constant and convenient updates; our quick response using this system actually led to perfect review scores from our affected guests. You can't ask for a better outcome."

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Use text-messaging to drive guest engagement and direct bookings today.

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