Case Study

Santa Barbara Inn

Akia has improved guest interactions with Santa Barbara Inn and streamlined operations without sacrificing the personal touch they're known for.

Santa Barbara Inn from the outside
Santa Barbara Inn logo
Santa Barbara Inn uses AutoClerk, which means Akia is directly integrated into their Property Management System. Staff don't require any manual steps to start using Akia. Setup is free and takes less than a day.

Sean Mitton

Valet Team

Akia makes our job way easier. Our guests can text while on their way from the room or at the restaurant and we have the car waiting for them when they get down to the front drive. Akia helps us be a lot more efficient and our guests appreciate the difference.
Valet Team at The Santa Barbara Inn
Here's a quick look at how artificial intelligence is helping Santa Barbara Inn with valet and overall response rates.
Engaged Guests
Average Response Time
Average Response Time
(for valet only)

Gwen Castro

Reservations Supervisor

We have been using Akia now for a few months and it has definitely made things at the front desk a lot easier, especially on those busy weekends! We have had many guest come in and ask “Who is Akia?” They are just wow-ed at how fast they can get a response and they don’t have to worry about getting put on hold.
Reservations Supervisor at The Santa Barbara Inn

Ryan Ledwith

Front Desk Supervisor

Guests love the option of texting us rather than having to call down to the front desk and the personalized text message before arrival makes guests feel welcome. Akia’s integration with AutoClerk is also huge for us. We don’t need to go in and enter data to a separate program as Akia links up seamlessly with what we already use.
Front Desk Supervisor at Santa Barbara Inn

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