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Discover how Cedar Lakes Estate boosts guest spending by maximizing package visibility pre-arrival and throughout their stay.


Upsells per month.


time saved by automating guest forms.


Located in the scenic Hudson Valley, Cedar Lakes Estate offers a picturesque retreat nestled amidst 500 acres of natural beauty. Their premier destination combines rustic charm with modern luxury, providing an unforgettable experience for weddings, corporate events, and private getaways. With stunning landscape, luxurious accommodations, and exceptional hospitality, Cedar Lakes Estate is the perfect setting for creating lifelong memories. ‍

Key Features
Mini Apps, Payments, Team, Chat, Orders, Reports, Scheduled Messages
Property Type
Boutique Hotel
Property Size
15 + rooms

Cedar Lakes Estate aimed to increase upsells for their layer-on packages, which included a range of experiences such as activities, classes, dinners, and enhancements such as items, food, and drinks. However, their manual processes hindered their ability to showcase and promote these offerings to guests, resulting in missed opportunities throughout each touchpoint.

Despite offering layer-on packages with various experiences and items, they faced challenges in effectively showcasing them to guests. Low email open rates meant that guests were not seeing these packages, contributing to the difficulty in promoting them. 


Akia’s Mini App allowed Cedar Lakes Estate to showcase and promote their upsell packages more effectively, driving revenue for their add-ons. Akia facilitated text messaging of these packages to guests throughout the guest, significantly boosting engagement and exposure to available offerings compared to traditional email and phone calls. Staff are able to set up a workflow to automate the entire process and promote packages at the right time. Items such as food orders and activity packages were promoted pre-arrival and throughout their stay. 

Additionally, Akia’s user-friendly platform allowed Cedar Lakes Estate to easily create various guides promoting their items. Similar to an app, Akia’s web-based mini app allows guests to access the guides without the need for app downloads or logins. 

By automating their guest communication, travel calls, layer-ons, and payments, Cedar Lakes Estate was able to reduce time spent in administrative tasks and streamline operations, ultimately allowing staff to focus more on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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Upsells per month.


time saved by automating guest forms.

Before Akia, we had a hard time promoting items that we offered. Now, we automatically send out our package order forms during pre-arrival and their stay to increase exposure.

Mike Kelly

Director of Hotel Operations


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