We're all in Agreement...

August 24, 2021
The hotel check-in process can be lengthy and complicated. We developed a few updates to streamline the process for both you and your guests. Put your feet up, and let Akia do the work.


Send an agreement to a front desk tablet so the guest can sign it there instead of on their phone.

The agreement will be saved with the guest's reservation information, and you can access it anytime.

Export Agreements

Export agreements from Records and store the files on your computer or other places like Google Drive.

The guest data will be saved in Excel format and available for you to use.

Escapia Integration: Akia is now integrated with Escapia to enable smooth guest engagement and streamline property management for vacation rentals.

Escapia is best-in-class vacation rental software with robust trust accounting, no booking fees, easy reservation calendar, housekeeping tools & more from Escapia.


hotel front desk staff on the phone

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