Wellness tourism expected to make $1 trillion by 2025.

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
November 29, 2022
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Wellness tourism expected to make $1 trillion by 2025.

The industry is seeing a budding segment of wellness-focused travelers coming out of the pandemic. In a survey commissioned by Hilton Hotels, almost 50% of respondents said it was important for their travel to address their mental or physical well-being. According to a report from the Global Wellness Institute, the worldwide wellness tourism market is expected to become a $1 trillion industry by 2025.  

The pandemic fueled people to rethink and relook at wellness in their lives; as a result, guests are now expecting the hotel and resort industry to meet them on their wellness journey. This could mean updating healthier menu options, instituting better fitness equipment, revamping spa facilities, or launching mindful retreat activities. Hoteliers need to get creative while offering wellness-themed options to this emerging segment and ensure they do not put off travelers who are not specifically keen on wellness amenities.

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Family & multi-generational travel trends upward.

In 2023, family and extended-family travel trends are expected to grow predominantly. With the pandemic behind us, families who may have put a reunion on hold in ‘20 and ‘21 are keen on reconnecting and getting back out there together.

According to the 2022 U.S. Family Travel Survey, 85% of respondents confirmed their likelihood of traveling with family members in the next year. And 47% of respondents in the survey commissioned by the Family Travel Association said they plan to take a multi-generational family trip. The top destinations for family travel represented a broad variety of destinations – from major cities and cultural capitals to beach and adventure destinations.  

Recommendation: Large family groups seek all-inclusive offers. Akia's Mini Apps and booklets are a great way to personalize guest journeys. To help build itineraries and create more meaningful experiences, businesses utilize Mini Apps to share what's new and upcoming and list exciting activities and events.

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Respond 55% faster to guest requests.

Before Akia, Prince Waikiki used another software that sent out surveys to guests and notified the staff via email. The process had many loopholes and required staff to follow up via call to address requests. It was time-consuming and frustrating. Their average response time for guest requests was ~ 9 minutes.

Implementing Akia enabled Prince Waikiki to communicate with guests in real time and ensure guest requests got addressed a lot more swiftly. With Akia, Prince Waikiki's overall response rate decreased by 55%, and it took ~ 4 minutes to get back to guests.

“Time is one the greatest asset and one of the things that [Akia] has helped us out as a property tremendously.” - Ethan Fishbane, Director of The Front Office, Prince Waikiki.

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