Upsell Guests With New Digital Booklet Components

March 23, 2021
We're happy to announce a few product updates that focus on simplifying hotel operations. With our recent updates, hotels can do more with their digital booklets, use token shortcuts in their messages, and use other tools directly on Akia's user interface. Find out how these changes can be used to improve your hotel operations.

Digital Booklets: Previously known as Digital Compendiums, Akia’s Digital Booklets have been updated to enable personalization and to include new components for various functions. Hotels can make each booklet unique to the guest in order to render personalized information, such as agreements and food orders. Hotels can also create multiple booklets and a widely shareable version. As for the new components, here are some updates:

  • Digital Registration Cards: Hotels can include digital registration forms directly on the Digital Booklet. Completed Digital Registration Cards will now also automatically redirect to the booklet, so hotels can introduce arriving guests to their hotel and upsell them on various offers.

  • Videos: Hotels can now include links to YouTube videos. Input any relevant videos that showcase your various offers or inform guests about processes that are unique to your property, such as an instructional video on how to turn the shower on.

  • Carousels: Hotels can use these to highlight their various offers and activities in order to upsell guests. They can also use these to showcase local attractions that guests could find interesting.

  • Social Media Buttons: Hotels can include button links to their social media profiles, so guests can engage with them on their preferred social media networks.

  • Tables: Hotels can display any relevant information in a table format. A relevant example would be check-in and check-out times.

Akia sample digital booklet

Textbox Tokens: Textboxes now have tokens that serve as shortcuts to various inputs, such as guest names or registration forms. Hotels can simply select the inputs from a dropdown menu and Akia will automatically replace it with the relevant text or link, saving hotels time when crafting messages.

Akia sample textbox tokens

Partner Modules: Akia now supports partner modules directly on the user interface. As an example, Akia can integrate with task tools such as Knowcross, and tasks created in Akia's guest pages will directly create tasks in Knowcross, which can save time for hotel staff.

Akia sample partner module

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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