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October 7, 2020
If you’re on-the-go with various requests from guests, we know you don't want to waste any time. With our recent updates, our goal was to help you easily get organized and attend to requests while staying in clear communication. Check out the new ways you can use Akia to provide excellent service.

Workflows: This new feature is shortcut for various actions. You can configure the workflow in the Settings to automatically message guests with a follow-up to their request. The workflow will also create a new task for the specific department that the task corresponds to. These workflows enable staff to easily stay on top of their responsibilities, and it allows streamlined service for guests.

Workflow notifying staff on a guest's page

Mark for Review: This action within the workflows will create a task and associate the task with a guest. It will notify the manager to review the conversation, and it can be configured to automatically message the guest that someone will attend to their request shortly. This allows guests to be reassured that their request will be attended to, and it keeps hotel managers in the loop about various requests.

App Update: The recent app update includes a task details view, links between the guest and the task, and the ability to create team chats on the app. The task details view better reflects the desktop version, and the links allow for clear association between tasks and guests.

recent app update that changed the tasks view

notifications showing that tasks were completed

Multiple Uploads on Agreement: The Digital Registration Card has been extended to support multiple uploads of images. Guests can easily include photos of government IDs, tax exempt government forms, and selfies, to name a few examples. With this update, guests can easily upload multiple documents on one registration form, so they don't need to worry about other forms to fill out.

new inputs on the digital registration card to allow for multiple image uploads

Cancel reservation: This action within the workflow automatically disables automated messages from Akia and clears check-in and check-out dates from the system. Guests who have canceled their reservations can be removed from hotel communications.

Provision Devices: The Provision Device button has been moved to the Settings tab on the mobile app. This action allows your staff without individual logins to enter their 4-digit employee code and proceed with the system on a provisional device.

provision device button moved to the settings tab

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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