Climb 300+ ranks on TripAdvisor

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
October 11, 2022
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Oversea trips are on the rise.

Consumers exhibit pent-up demand for international travel as COVID-related restrictions ease up. According to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, the international travel industry saw a 172% increase year-over-year. Expedia Group reported a 50% increase in demand for long-haul flights globally in their second quarter to corroborate the rising overseas travel intent. Growth in international travel and tourism drives growth in the hospitality industry. Hotels and vacation rentals, especially in gateway cities, saw a strong comeback and continue to see a spike in demand. While this surge propels tremendous growth opportunities, it also brings new challenges - like multicultural issues and language barriers.

Recommendation: With guests coming in from different parts of the world, language can become an obstruction to providing exceptional service. Akia helps staff communicate with guests in over 140 languages. Akia can detect guest-preferred language to auto-translate between the guest and the front desk automatically.

Trending purr-fect vacations.

Pet travel is becoming a booming trend in the industry, with so many people adopting cats, dogs, and other domestic pets during the pandemic. Earlier this month, Airbnb said more than 3 million pets have stayed in Airbnb since last November. The company tied this trend to their host insurance coverage for pet damages implemented in 2021. Hotels also embrace pet travel as they explore and get creative with their pet-friendly amenities. At check-in, numerous hotels like Hilton and Westin provide dog beds, bowls, treats, and toys. Kona Kai, Resort and Spa takes it up another notch by offering high-class pet massages.

Recommendation - Provide and process pet services with Akia – from customizing unit-specific pet-related information to instituting intuitive technology to automatically respond to common pet policy questions to processing upsells and payments related to pet services like dog walking, massaging, grooming, and pet sitting.

Dylan Hotel NYC

Climb 300+ ranks on TripAdvisor.  

Dylan Hotel NYC changed its ranking from #390 to #63 in just over three years with Akia.

Before implementing Akia, Dylan Hotel NYC ranked #390 of 515 hotels in New York City on TripAdvisor. With Akia’s help, in a little over three years, they improved their ranking to #63 out of 515.

Akia’s feedback review management redirects happy guests to sites like TripAdvisor, making it super easy for them to leave a positive review. Timing is always the key; Akia automatically requests guests for feedback and reminds them to review right after their unique and memorable stay.

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