Bundle ALL communication in one window with unified inbox

Pooja Khandelwal
Pooja Khandelwal
January 19, 2023

Have emails, voicemails, text messages, WhatsApp, and social media interactions (+VRBO and Airbnb chats for VR managers) in one inbox. Ditch multiple browser windows and spreadsheets.

Akia's unified inbox keeps all your communication centralized. Filter communication, archive older messages, assign specific conversation threads to team members, and more.

One place hub.

Streamline internal and external communication. Consolidate guest messaging from social media, WhatsApp, sms, FB Messenger, email, google, OTAs and Airbnb + VRBO.

Collaborate and track.

Allow teams to collaborate and stay updated. For example, set up auto-notifications for clean-up tasks for real-time updates on cleaning progress.

Assign and forward.

Connect with guests by assigning yourself to the chat, or reroute/ forward it to specific staff member, team or department.

Automate responses.

Automatically respond to frequently asked questions and boost guest satisfaction with fast replies. Assign follow-ups and ensure guests can ask questions and get answers to increase conversation.

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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