5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees and Increase Productivity

Wanny Mei
Wanny Mei
September 10, 2020
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Everyone’s had hard days at work, but some people can be genuinely unhappy with their workplaces. That’s what management needs to avoid at all costs. Unmotivated and unhappy employees result in low performance and high turnover rates. On the other hand, the opposite is also true: motivated and happy employees make for high performance, high engagement, and low turnover rates. It’s no question that motivation in the workplace is important for the success of the company, no matter what environment or industry. At this point, you might be asking: what does motivation look like? How can I motivate my employees as a manager?

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1. Keep your employees happy

Chances are that you enjoy being around happy people— they make for happy environments. What’s even better is that employees are about 13% more productive when they’re happy. Keep your employees content by creating welcoming environments, providing good benefits packages, ensuring flexibility in scheduling, and allowing for work-life balance.

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2. Personal development

Give your employees chances to speak up, implement their ideas, and develop professionally. If your employees find that they’re not given these chances to utilize their strengths, then they might take their work elsewhere. With these opportunities, they can grow to take on more leadership and responsibility, which can in return help your organization grow even more.

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3. Setting a great example

It’s hard to stay motivated to work hard if your boss isn’t doing the same. People look up to leadership to set the example, and they will most likely mirror your actions for better or for worse. By setting a great example for your employees and taking on all sorts of responsibilities, your team will follow and work hard to meet your expectations.

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4. Recognition

Sometimes, a simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Work can get tiring sometimes, but showing recognition and gratitude for your employees can help them find the motivation to keep going. Recognizing your employees’ hard work confirms that their work is valued by others, and this helps them see the value of their work, too.  

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5. Some autonomy

No one likes it when their boss is breathing down their neck. Allowing your employees some freedom and autonomy in how they do their work—as long as everything meets expectations—can help them feel more in control and motivated. Even better, new ideas and perspectives can help your organization grow and operate better. Autonomy allows your employees to be themselves and solve problems their own way, which in turn helps the company.

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