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Aspen Suites brought in instant communication with their guests by implementing Akia and leveraging its sync with InnQuest by roomMaster.

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With seven properties across Alaska, Aspen Hotels gets you close to everything that the last frontier has to offer. Take advantage of picture perfect majestic mountain views, glaciers, fjords, and world renowned Alaska salmon fishing while enjoying affordable rates and the comfort and convenience of Aspen Hotels accommodations. Many guests use their Anchorage Hotel as a launch point for amazing Alaskan vacation.

Key Features
Scheduled Messages, Campaign Messages, Broadcast, Team Chat
Property Type
Property Size
8 Properties with 60+ rooms, each.

Bridge the Communication Gap.

Before Akia, Aspen Suites lacked instant communication with guests and depended primarily on guests making phone calls to the property.  

Implementing Akia bridges the communication gap between Aspen Suites and their guests, ensuring no guest is left unattended. In addition, Akia’s integration with their PMS (InnQuest roomMaster) allows Akia to automatically pull in data from InnQuest roomMaster and fire pre-arrival automated messages like, thanking guests for making the reservation, confirming reservation information, providing a Mini App link with additional property details, and so on.


Leveraging Mini Apps.

Akia’s Mini Apps are mobile experiences that don’t require download or login. In an app-fatigued world, where over 75% of app downloads are not used more than once, Mini Apps make an ideal feature with better accessibility and usability.

As part of the pre-arrival communication, Aspen Suites shares a Mini App URL with incoming guests. The Mini App URL is automated to be specific to the guest and property. It comprises reservation breakdown, directions to the property, and local attractions, restaurants, etc.

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“Akia brings in next-level communication with our guests. It has enhanced overall feedback from guests. The link between Akia and RoomMaster has helped us internally in maintenance and upkeep. The reservation information from RoomMaster to Akia is very specific, so our team can immediately determine the room that needs maintenance. This helps better upkeep the assets as well.”

Kelli Johnson

Communications Manager


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