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February 23, 2021

We're happy to announce a few product updates that focus on new settings within Akia. Hotels can implement these settings into their operations, so guests can have easier access to hotel information and enjoy more food delivery options, while management can analyze guest satisfaction data and receive notifications about missing guest forms in order to improve overall guest procedures. Find out how these changes can be used to improve your hotel operations.

Digital Compendium Settings: In the Settings under the Attachments tab, hotels can create and personalize their own digital compendiums. Properties can create their own simple URL and various page elements, which can easily convey relevant information to guests. To enable digital compendiums for your property, email support@akia.com.

Akia digital compendium setup

Guest Surveys Scheduled Reports: Hotels can get a breakdown of guest experience data from Akia. When guests fill out surveys, such as the post-stay survey, management can get an aggregated report of how guests are responding to their service. The reports can show metrics such as average ratings, the total number of responses recorded, and a breakdown of ratings by question.

In the Reports tab, properties can send guest experience reports to management. These reports can be sent to a manager’s email address, and they can be set up to send at a certain time of day and repeat over time. To enable surveys for your property, contact us at support@akia.com.

Akia experience reports

Agreement View: Within the Records tab, properties can now choose between the Guest View or the Agreement View on the top right of the page. The Agreement View shows which guests have filled out their digital registration cards and/or other agreement forms. It also shows when the agreement was sent and when it was signed. This view can be used to keep tabs on which guests have filled out relevant forms or not.

Akia agreements view

Digital Registration Notifications: When hotels are missing guest registration forms, they don’t need to search through every guest profile to determine whether they submitted the right forms yet. At the bottom of the Agreements Template, Akia can be configured to notify hotel staff at a certain time of day when guests still haven’t filled out digital registration cards or other agreements. Management can see which guests haven’t filled out the online registration, and they can use that information in order to quickly broadcast a message to relevant guests and remind them to fill out their forms.

Akia digital agreement notifications

Food Delivery Options: Within Akia’s digital menus, properties can set up delivery options to enable delivery, scheduled delivery, and pickup. Properties can check one or multiple options, depending on their individual service options. When guests are ordering food, they will be able to choose on of these options. To enable digital menus for your property, email support@akia.com.

Akia food delivery options

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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