Present Guests With Your Best

January 26, 2021

Give guests your best with Akia’s latest product update. In this release, we introduced digital compendiums for hotels to compile all the most important information for guests in a concise manner on an accessible digital platform. We also focused on clarifying back-end processes for hotel staff with user access controls and audit logs. Being overloaded with too much information can slow people down, so you can stick to the essentials with these updates.

At our core, we’re committed to helping hotels improve guest experiences, and we’re continuously evolving our technology to meet that demand. Akia’s artificial intelligence can now detect guest sentiments, based on the messages they send. Hotels can now easily get a high-level overview of overall guest satisfaction with sentiment scores.

Keep reading to dive deeper into our latest updates.

Digital Compendiums: You can now set up a digital compendium for your property through Akia. With these paperless, contactless, and mobile-friendly compendiums that don’t require any application installations from guests, you can include an overview of all the most important links on this page, such as contact information, policies regarding COVID-19, digital menus, and a map of the property. Properties can also use it showcase activities and events in the local area.

Find a sample compendium at this link:


sample digital compendium

User Access: Management can edit permissions on every tab in the Settings and limit user access to certain settings. This allows staff members to only view what’s relevant to them, and it allows management to control edit access.

Audit Log: Admin can now access the audit log, which tracks every change made in Akia, when it was made, and which user made the change. The Audit Log also outlines which office the change was made in, the customer affected if applicable, and a short description about the edit.

Sentiment Scores: In the Reports section, hotels can find an overview of the sentiments of guest conversations based on the accumulation of messages received from guests. Akia’s artificial intelligence can detect the differences amongst positive, negative, and neutral messages.

Akia sentiment scores

Team Chat Translation: Akia can automatically translate messages that are in another language from your team to the language you have set on your account. This is very useful if you have any hotel staff who do not speak the same language as you do. With team chat translations, your conversations can flow seamlessly.

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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