Reassuring Guests About Your Hotel’s Safety Measures

Wanny Mei
Wanny Mei
August 17, 2020
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With Covid-19 still ongoing in the United States, it’s no surprise that people are anxious about traveling and staying in hotels. At the same time, the hospitality industry has been struggling to keep business running smoothly. In response to the pandemic, many hotels have taken up new cleaning protocols and various measures to ensure that guests and employees are safe. Although your hotel may have all the proper measures in place, the next step is to reassure guests that it’s safe to stay at your hotel. Here are some ways for you to do so:

Create a Covid-19 landing page. Dedicate this page to all of your hotel’s new procedures around Covid-19. Be clear about your commitment to the safety of your guests and employees, and outline all of your social distancing and mask policies in place. Detail all of the changes in housekeeping and operations, including changes in additional services like restaurants and bars. Note all of the closures in certain facilities. Communicate all the extra procedures in place as well, like glass shields at the front desk and hand sanitizer stations throughout the building. List your phone number in case guests have questions beyond the information on the page. To make your message feel more personal, include a statement from the head of the hotel.

You should also talk about any contactless technology you’ve recently implemented to avoid close interactions at high-touch points, like the front desk. The idea is to be as transparent and detailed as possible so guests can feel comfortable with the management of your hotel. If you haven’t integrated contactless communication into your hotel yet, try Akia’s contactless check-in solution that will reassure guests that you’re taking every measure you can to keep them safe.

Monitor and respond to reviews. When people are looking to book hotels during these times, oftentimes they will check the recent reviews to get a better understanding of how the hotel is handling the situation. Try to monitor what the reviews are saying, and respond to any negative feedback. Apologize and sympathize with the reviewer, and state the changes you plan to make if they deemed the procedures in place to be insufficient. Monitoring your reviews will help your hotel better adapt to serve your guests, and potential future guests can be reassured that you’re taking feedback seriously.

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Update Google My Business. Google My Business is a great tool for updating people about new information when they make that initial Google search. GMB has a type of post for announcements related to COVID-19, and these posts stay pinned at the top of your announcements. Highlight the most important changes your hotel has made in these posts and direct people to your website for more information.

Create a pop-up or banner on your website. A pop-up or banner can easily draw attention to critical information right when someone goes on your website. This can include all the key points to note, and it should direct people to the COVID-19 landing page for full details on changes to policies. These eye-catching tools make it incredibly easy for people to find all the information they care most about.

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