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Best Digital Marketing Strategies to Acquire New Customers

Stacy R.
Stacy R.

Customer acquisition in the digital platform is cutthroat competition. With more and more people using social media and other similar platforms to entertain themselves and brandish their purchasing power, businesses must scale their models as quickly as possible. Companies realize this and employ several strategies to get a proverbial leg up against their competition. As a result, some marketing campaigns gain quick traction; others go viral, some fall flat. 

If a company wishes to establish its online presence, it has to create a buzz with its target audience. Therefore, companies secure the services of expert marketing agencies to boost their campaigns through different digital marketing strategies, each aimed to increase brand and name recognition. In addition, these agencies seek to improve the online presence and help the business increase its performance and overall sales and productivity. 

This article discusses various strategies that you can use to ensure that your company will continue to expand its reach and corner a niche.

Content marketing

One of the most effective ways of acquiring new customers is through the use of content marketing. This strategy entails targeting a specific audience regarding the product or service offered. Companies then provide the audience members with evergreen content that is relevant, relatable, and interesting. They can then cultivate a relationship with these customers and convert them accordingly using blogs, videos, images, and a compelling call to action. 

Companies who employ the content marketing strategy know that they can also use influencers, native advertising, and marketing automation in conjunction with the technique to increase their reach. However, they must also optimize their site for mobile devices as more and more people use their gadgets to access the internet.

Social media marketing

Social media platforms have become one of the best places to market products and services because of the sheer volume of people who use them regularly. Studies show that many people use social media for upwards of three hours a day. Therefore, companies who seek to expand their reach will do good to target a specific niche population to increase their customer acquisition rate. 

Enterprises that use social media platforms for their marketing campaigns must ensure that they provide a positive experience. People directly influence others, and if they don’t experience something worth their while, there’s a big chance that the page wouldn’t get the reception it hoped for on the platform. Social media marketing should also provide enticing content that will keep people interested and invested in the site.

Run giveaways and promotions

One of the best customer acquisition strategies that a company can employ is running giveaways and promotions. People love getting free stuff, so a company seeking to establish their brand and identity in the online platform will do well if they entice people to visit their site with freebies. This can range from actual giveaways delivered to their doorstep upon purchase or sign-up or digital treats such as coupons, e-books, etc. 

When companies run giveaways and promotions, they will get the opportunity to increase their audience base and increase their name recognition. People will become more familiar with their brand and what they offer, and with the right follow-up strategies, they can convert casual browsers into loyal customers. 

SMS marketing 

Another marketing strategy that companies can use to acquire more customers is SMS marketing. This entails sending a text message to targeted customers and creating an awareness and a relationship between the sender and the recipient. 

As one of the most immediate and efficient channels, an SMS marketing campaign boasts readability of at least 95% within 15 minutes of delivery. Used in conjunction with other strategies such as email and content marketing, a company can build brand trust and recognition with their customers. The engagement becomes more personal, which is a terrific opportunity for companies to convert their target audience into loyal customers. 

Email marketing 

Email marketing is another strategy that companies use to broaden their reach. With a targeted email burst, a company can entice clients to visit sites, enter contests, or participate in surveys, leading to an opportunity for conversion. 

Final takeaway

Companies seeking to establish their online presence can use various digital marketing strategies that appeal to different target audiences. They can choose a marketing strategy that best fits their particular needs and use other techniques in conjunction with their core strategy to ensure customer acquisition and conversion. 

Time is one the greatest asset and one of the things that [Akia] has helped us out as a property tremendously.

Stacy R.

Content Strategist

Time is one the greatest asset and one of the things that [Akia] has helped us out as a property tremendously.

Ethan Fishbane

Director of The Front Office, Prince Waikiki

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