Akia's Best Practices for COVID-19

Ryan Kanoknukulchai
Ryan Kanoknukulchai
April 22, 2020
We want to be able to help ensure all of your guests feel safe, comfortable, and confident during their upcoming travel – even after states have lifted their Shelter-in-Place orders. Here are some tips and best practices on how you can leverage Akia's services to reinforce your assurance as hospitality professionals.

Keep guests informed prior to their travels

You can leverage Akia's automated Pre-Arrival (72 hours) to send your guests information regarding the current travel advisory and prevention guideline as well as assuring their health and safety.

Sample message:

Good {{meta.time_of_day}}, {{guest.honorific}}! We look forward to your arrival in a few days at {{hotel.name}}.
In order to ensure that you feel safe, comfortable, and confident staying with us, we are taking precautions and preventative measures in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), State, and Federal recommendations to provide clean, safe, and healthy environment for both guests and staff.
For more information about coronavirus travel advisory and prevention guideline, please visit:

Establish contactless communication

Minimize contact and encourage social distancing between your guests and staff. Let guests know via a Pre-Arrival message that they can text Akia with any questions or requests via Morning of Checkout message that they can expedite the checkout process over texting without having to visit the front desk.

Sample message:

Good {{meta.time_of_day}}, {{guest.honorific}}! Thank you for staying with us at {{hotel.name}}.
My name is Akia and I will be happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have during your stay. You can text me at any time without having to visit the front desk.

Sample message:

Good morning! We have noted you're due to checkout today. For a quicker check-out experience, you are welcome to reply "checkout" to me and I'll alert the front desk of your departure. The credit card on file will be used to settle any remaining balance.

Increase the number of communication channels

Guests and travelers will have additional questions and need more assistance before choosing to stay at your property. However, many properties are experiencing a high volume of calls and emails during this time.

Install Akia's Web Chat to provide an additional communication channel and easily allow your prospective guests to reach out to your team directly through your website.

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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