Stay Connected with Your Guests Through Akia

September 8, 2020
Here at Akia, we want to help you give your guests the best experience possible and build strong and lasting relationships with your guests. With that in mind, we have some new updates to help you achieve that goal:

Notification Center: Non-chat based events (tasks, adhoc agreements, etc.) will now create notifications in Notification Center. With this update, you can stay on top of everything and not keep your guests waiting.

notebooks on top of a laptop

Email Template Setting: Email templates can be used in promotions and scheduled messages (e.g. pre-arrival). Guests will receive emails instead of text messages if they have an email listed in their contact. As a helpful application example, you can use this feature to send promotions post-stay to invite guests back to your hotel.

email application on iOS

Room ready: Guests will automatically be notified when the room is ready from AutoClerk, so guests can get into their rooms as soon as possible. Other property management systems are available, too.

a hotel room interior

International SMS: For a non-US phone number, we can enable international SMS for the hotel in Core, if SMS is available and affordable. If enabled, guests with non-US phone numbers will also be imported and messaged.

a globe

hotel front desk staff on the phone

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