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Automated Workflows: Increasing Front Desk Efficiency

Prevent death by a thousand cuts. Akia's Automated Workflows utilize artificial intelligence to appropriately execute duties your team spends time doing over and over automatically. Your team will spend less time creating work orders, checking in guests, answering common questions, picking up the phone, and more.

It is no surprise that the front desk teams can make or break a guest’s hotel experience, and as a hotelier, your aim is to make the right impression on guests the moment they walk through the door. Unfortunately, most front desk staff today are overwhelmed and frustrated as they juggle outpouring guest requests, bookings, check-ins, check-outs, accounting, housekeeping, and more, making it challenging for them to provide a stellar guest experience. 

And in addition to chaotic front office operations, the ongoing labor shortage industry-wide has made it even more difficult for hotels to thrive post-pandemic. According to a recent report by U.S. Travel Association, among 1.6 million jobs yet to recover, 1.5 million are in leisure and hospitality. 

To help you solve these challenges and navigate past the pandemic, we’re excited to announce Akia’s Automated Workflows—a powerful new suite of features built to offset the demand placed on your staff while automating and streamlining key processes and touchpoints so your team can focus on the work that matters. 

Work less, Save more.

Akia’s Automated Workflows are designed to remove the manual, repetitive part of the job so your team can save time for more critical tasks and reduce operational costs. Using this new capability, your team can automate capturing guest registrations, issuing mobile keys and door codes, notifying staff of verified guests, creating work orders for triggers like unique guest requests or when guests order from the menu, and generating alerts for management when guests leave low ratings. See more use cases on the Akia blog.

“From following up on phone calls to capturing signatures, Akia has helped digitize our front desk operations and how we stay engaged with our guests. Because Akia takes a load off from our busy staff, they can truly focus on providing the best experience for those guests standing right in front of them. Our check-in process has become much smoother since no one anymore has to fumble around with pens and papers anymore!” 

- Chase Santillanes, VP of Development, Peppertree Hospitality
Akia Automated Workflows

Creating Automated Workflows is simple. Select one of our ready-to-use templates or customize it to build your own. Irrespective of what you choose, you can be sure of increasing productivity by digitizing and streamlining your processes with Akia. Automated workflows are also a great way to boost customer engagement by personalizing your guests’ journey.

Integrate with Technologies Already in Use.

It doesn’t end there, our seamless integrations with third-party applications will give hoteliers more control over functionality and interaction flexibility. They help reduce touch points, increase operational efficiency and enhance your guest experience. You can easily create trigger actions on Akia for your property management systems and digital keys. For example, issue mobile keys from FLEXIPASS, create tickets in KnowCross or Quore and generate work orders for housekeepers using CleanMeNext.. Check out the complete list of companies we integrate with

"Switching to Akia was an incredible decision for our property. They’ve streamlined the check-in process both for our guests and our associates, shaving off valuable time for every party involved. The process is smooth, and because of their integration with FLEXIPASS we’ve delivered unique door codes quicker than ever.” -

Tony Hein, Inn Keeper, 121 Middle

Automate with Akia.

Enhance your guest service experience, grow your property’s reputation, and cut down operational costs in the post-pandemic world with Akia’s automated communication platform. Get started with Automated Workflow today!

Time is one the greatest asset and one of the things that [Akia] has helped us out as a property tremendously.

Time is one the greatest asset and one of the things that [Akia] has helped us out as a property tremendously.

Ethan Fishbane

Director of The Front Office, Prince Waikiki

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